9A3AAU callsign in WWWPX SSB 2020.


My sons Petar Galileo callsign activated in CQ WW WPX 2020. SSB Contest.
( 9a2ki operator )
All band , low power- category
835 conntact where made with all around the World amateur stations.
Mostly on 20, 40 i 80m amateur radio bands ( few on 160 and 15m )
With FT-901DM ( 100W ) and wires antennas ( Dipole, Sloped Dipole , and 2elements LUQuad Antenna fixed on USA for 20m.
It was hard to reach my record in WPX when made more then 1000 QSOs,
But it was with high power….
I was trying to reach 1000 with better antennas setup, and more hours in Contest ,but stoped at 835 about 1,5 hours before end of Contest….
After 48 hours in Contest ( about 35 hours activ ) I was broken.
Thanks to my family who helped me – leave me in my corner and gave me all necesarey ( coffe , some juice, antiCorona liquid ….
See You next time
GC ( Gagarin Contest is next )
73 de 9a2ki Ico ( 9A3AAU )

2elements Line Up Quad Antenna.
And snow in March few days ago…
Two version of the same Award .
I like more second version ( because of smal latters coment #11 EU….

ARRL CW Contest 2020

Oldtimer still running.

Arrl CW is finished – 9A2KI

320 QSOs


This year 100W @

Dipole for 80 and 40m,

2el LUQA ( Line Up Quad Antenna ) for 20m

FT901DM @ straight key.

Very good condition on 7 and 14MHz. On 3.5MHz antenna is too low for DXs ( strong EU stations made strong QRM)

But no QRN this time….

My best score and very pleased to be part of Nice Contest .

See You again ( ARRL SSB 7/8. Mart 2020 )

73 de 9A2KI ico