January January make your mind

Very changeable weather in January continue.

After weak of very worm temperature come snow and again high temperature, which ended with havie night storm with north wind and first rain which change in snow.

All that made very bad picture in the morning check of antennas ( and some animal house….

See on following pictures:

Inverted Vee ( almost dipole ) antenna for 80m band : one part is puled down from connecting box.


Supporter for 40m dipole is broken and failed very near Beehives …Dipole is now sloper dipole ( still in functions )


Animal house roof is down.


Alpe Adria VHF contest is coming soon.

last year i was working from nearby 9AFF reference….


Some other country activity at the time od AA VHF c…. ( 06:00- 13.59 GMT )

OK VHF QRP ( 07:00-12:59)

DL BBT VHF ( 09:30-11:59)

LZ HEMUS Bulgarian VHF c.(06:00-13:59 ) http://bfra.bg/news/411

see you in AA VHF c

de 9A2KI ico


some old post….

Todays Operations

6el. Yagi-Uda made by 9A4DF for 50MHz radioamateur BAND ( magic band ) is rised up…

Congratulations Marjan .


And some New Toy in my collection – ready for GoGreen operations…..


9A VHF UHF activity c.

Nice weather today, and lot of around home jobs, did not give me chance to go on better location , but home one

So some antennas reparations and show can start.

4x9el. Yagi-Uda ( ELRAD ) repaired by my friend 9a1ay ( and memory to SK 9a3kx Buco )

19el. Yagi-Uda like DL6WU made by my friend 9A4DF Marjan.

ICOM IC-706MKIIG transceiver.

Solar @ Battery power.

and Ozujsko beer

73 de 9A2KI Ico

Nice day : 9AFF-0035

This swan come to see what is going on ( no fears )

Special ornithological reserve : Bara Dvorina .



Near river Sava and Bosnian border.

Every third Sunday is time for 9A VHF and Up Activity contest.

And as this reference is very near to me (about 15km ) and last activity was in 2019, and no many QSOs where made in past:

It was logical choice.

54 QSOs where made in VHF Contest on 144MHz.

200QSOs on 7 and 14MHz.

Interesting is that DX stations was somehow with better signals than many closer.

KD1CT Bob, ( first time 559 and after in better moment 599)

K2TRD Martin NY, ful 59.

UN7BBD Alex 599

RZ9WU Alexey 59

And JH1GEX Yutaka ,give me 57 from Japan ( he was ful 59 )

Equipment was:

144MHz: 9el. Yagi-Uda Elrad

7MHz : Dipole

14MHz : GP on ground with 4 radials ( all about 5 m long )


On VHF about 50W and 100W on HF.

see you next time. de 9a2ki ico ( this time helped by my daughter Ema )

All QSOs are on 9A VHF robot


and on 9AFF sova robot