9AFF-0014 Activation in September VHF IARU Contest 2020

9A3AAU Petar Galileo in action

75Ah batterie and peak Papuk in sight…

Lot of equipnent on the back

9A2KI ( myself ) on the top
Sunday morning sun is coming
And time to go home….

Try to find small animal on picture
Ivanjski rovaš ( Ablepharus kitaibelii)
Can you find small animal ?

Small crue ( 9a3aau @ 9a2ki ) activated 9AFF-0014 in September VHF contest 05/06th September 2020.

175 QSOs where made in 9.5 hours of operation. All QSOs are already on 9AFF page ( thanks to 9AFF crue and 9A6AA, Emir )


9a2ki/p : 168QSOs, about 55000 points,

ODX: DA0FF 790km ( with perfect operation on DA0FF station )

9el. Yagi- Uda Tona antenna

and 20-30 W output FT290Rll rig.

Nice weather at the time of September VHF c. is not usual in my country , so we went on the top of Papuk mountain , peak Ivačka glava, 913m asl.

Interesting is that peak Ivačka glava ( wich is one of the most beautiful in Slavonija ( East Croatia ) ) is NOT on the SOTA list.

( 9A2GA ????- SOTA manager )

[[ Boris 9A2GA explanes to me that peak Ivačka glava is not in P150 limit rules.

But we in Slavonija have only few peaks wich can be used ( mountains are not higher than 1000 m and there are forest on the peaks.

Only few are usable for operation and one of tham is Ivačka glava ( not higer peak near ( Papuk ) , so my sugestion is to erase peak Papuk from the list ( military facility on the top do not alow amateur radio operation ), and put peak Ivačka glava on the list ( one of the best view in Slavonija is from peak Ivačka glava)….??? ]]

On the list is highest peak (950m asl) but there is milirary facility and not usable for amateur radio?!?

( that peak you can see on my picture : white object on the top)

In Geopark Papuk.


QSO with Z31EF @ panoramic video

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Amateur Radio from 1980. Member of 9A1CRS Radio Club " Slavonski Brod " Member of SKCC #12919 Member of KiKi no:95 Working from 1,8 to 1296MHz Like:DXing , Contesting, Amateurs Satellite, Home Made Antennas:(last job 3el Line Up Quad Antenna for 14MHz (9a2ki LUQA )) Very proud on my 6 times operating from Velebit mountain ( largest Croatian mountain ) - 5 times in Alpe Adria VHF Contest: peaks: Vučjak 2x, Mali Rajinac, Visočica, Veliki Zavižan - and one more time on Velebit , try to reach highest peak: Vaganski vrh, but stoped on lower peak Tadića glavica... See you on the band. 73 de 9a2ki ico

One thought on “9AFF-0014 Activation in September VHF IARU Contest 2020”

  1. “Interesting is that peak Ivačka glava ( wich is one of the most beautiful in Slavonija ( East Croatia ) ) is NOT on the SOTA list.

    ( 9A2GA ????- SOTA manager )”

    Ivačka glava ne zadovoljava SOTA uvjete budući da je vrh Papuka višlji i sedlo prema Ivačkog glavi nije dublje od 150m ( 913m-150m= 763m). Znači da ne može biti uvrštena na SOTA listu jer ne zadovoljava uvjete prema SOTA pravilima.

    Ivačka glava summit can not be valid SOTA summit because the SOTA rule of 150m prominence between two nearby summits.

    73 de Boris 9A2GA
    9A SOTA manager

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