January January make your mind

Very changeable weather in January continue.

After weak of very worm temperature come snow and again high temperature, which ended with havie night storm with north wind and first rain which change in snow.

All that made very bad picture in the morning check of antennas ( and some animal house….

See on following pictures:

Inverted Vee ( almost dipole ) antenna for 80m band : one part is puled down from connecting box.


Supporter for 40m dipole is broken and failed very near Beehives …Dipole is now sloper dipole ( still in functions )


Animal house roof is down.

9AFF-0014 Activation in September VHF IARU Contest 2020

9A3AAU Petar Galileo in action

75Ah batterie and peak Papuk in sight…

Lot of equipnent on the back

9A2KI ( myself ) on the top
Sunday morning sun is coming
And time to go home….

Try to find small animal on picture
Ivanjski rovaš ( Ablepharus kitaibelii)
Can you find small animal ?

Small crue ( 9a3aau @ 9a2ki ) activated 9AFF-0014 in September VHF contest 05/06th September 2020.

175 QSOs where made in 9.5 hours of operation. All QSOs are already on 9AFF page ( thanks to 9AFF crue and 9A6AA, Emir )


9a2ki/p : 168QSOs, about 55000 points,

ODX: DA0FF 790km ( with perfect operation on DA0FF station )

9el. Yagi- Uda Tona antenna

and 20-30 W output FT290Rll rig.

Nice weather at the time of September VHF c. is not usual in my country , so we went on the top of Papuk mountain , peak Ivačka glava, 913m asl.

Interesting is that peak Ivačka glava ( wich is one of the most beautiful in Slavonija ( East Croatia ) ) is NOT on the SOTA list.

( 9A2GA ????- SOTA manager )

[[ Boris 9A2GA explanes to me that peak Ivačka glava is not in P150 limit rules.

But we in Slavonija have only few peaks wich can be used ( mountains are not higher than 1000 m and there are forest on the peaks.

Only few are usable for operation and one of tham is Ivačka glava ( not higer peak near ( Papuk ) , so my sugestion is to erase peak Papuk from the list ( military facility on the top do not alow amateur radio operation ), and put peak Ivačka glava on the list ( one of the best view in Slavonija is from peak Ivačka glava)….??? ]]

On the list is highest peak (950m asl) but there is milirary facility and not usable for amateur radio?!?

( that peak you can see on my picture : white object on the top)

In Geopark Papuk.


QSO with Z31EF @ panoramic video

How Iran answer to USA embargo


Iran made owen fighter Koswar.



pic. from net




New Iranian project: havie fighter




Introdusing and testing 5G mobile net



9A3AAU callsign in WWWPX SSB 2020.







SSB / Single-Op Low All Bands / Europe

   1  IW1FRU..........5,396,545
   2  IQ8SN...........4,669,000 (IZ8FWN)
   3  US2YW...........4,212,684
   4  OM0R............3,233,681 (OM3GI)
   5  LY4L............2,695,928
   6  LY9A (C)........2,354,495
   7  MU2K (T)........1,980,300 (RL5D)
   8  IZ3KGI..........1,553,920
   9  UA3BL...........1,509,111
  10  UT1AN (R).......1,444,480

  11  IK1JJM (C)......1,364,871
  12  DL1IAO..........1,206,048
  13  LZ0M (T)........1,205,589 (LZ2SX)
  14  LZ7X (T)........1,041,352
  15  IB9A (T)........1,002,072 (IT9RBW)
  16  SQ9ITA (T)........969,095
  17  UZ3A..............927,402 (UX1AA)
  18  OM5WW.............917,225
  19  DP4M (T)..........910,224 (DJ4MH)
  20  9A3AAU (T)........891,000 (9A2KI

My sons Petar Galileo callsign activated in CQ WW WPX 2020. SSB Contest.
( 9a2ki operator )
All band , low power- category
835 conntact where made with all around the World amateur stations.
Mostly on 20, 40 i 80m amateur radio bands ( few on 160 and 15m )
With FT-901DM ( 100W ) and wires antennas ( Dipole, Sloped Dipole , and 2elements LUQuad Antenna fixed on USA for 20m.
It was hard to reach my record in WPX when made more then 1000 QSOs,
But it was with high power….
I was trying to reach 1000 with better antennas setup, and more hours in Contest ,but stoped at 835 about 1,5 hours before end of Contest….
After 48 hours in Contest ( about 35 hours activ ) I was broken.
Thanks to my family who helped me – leave me in my corner and gave me all necesarey ( coffe , some juice, antiCorona liquid ….
See You next time
GC ( Gagarin Contest is next )
73 de 9a2ki Ico ( 9A3AAU )

2elements Line Up Quad Antenna.
And snow in March few days ago…
Two version of the same Award .
I like more second version ( because of smal latters coment #11 EU….

Yeasu MD-1 my new toy

but Huston we have a problem.!?

Old original mic have 4 pins
New MD-1 have 8 pins

My very good friend ( from Cratian Flora and Fauna Radio Club ) Ivan , 9A6TT , explane how to make adapter.

If you are FB member visit my FB page ” Istok Kapov “

For others I will make story here later….

Alpe Adria VHF Contest 2019.


JN74SH Sveto brdo ( Holly hill ) 1753m asl

04th. August 2019.

Velebit Mountain ( bigest mountain in Croatia )

National Park Paklenica (70 years of NP Paklenica)

9AFF-0005 ( 9ANP-0005 )

Also will use one of clubs callsign:

9A1CSB ( Club Slavonski Brod- 9a1crs – 72 years of Radio Club Sl. Brod )

9A1CSB also other reference 9AFF-0018

( hole Mountain Velebit is Nature Park )

On the way to Sveto brdo , posible midle rest point
pic. from net
From Sveto brdo ( Holly hill ) toward Zadar ( Novigradsko @ Karinsko Sea )
pic. from net

See you in Alpe Adria VHF Contest 144350kHz 9a2ki/p

Link to official NP Paklenica page:


Chinas Base Satellite Station in Argentina


There is Chinas Base Tracking Station build in Argentina.

[ Text in this down link is ( by my opinion) very tendencious and you nead  to make your oven conclusion…. ]



China have got also few ships equiped for tracking space objects.



pic. by net
One of Chinas Space objects tracking ship.