Activity contest (VHF UHF SHF)

Crue on the top of mountain
Wild Strawberries are perfect in September on about. 900m asl.
Ivanjski rovaš ( Ablepharus kitaibelii ) very rare animal, are used to us – no fear
And few more pictures

Smal crue ( Ema , Petar Galileo-9A3AAU and myself -9A2KI )

In Activity contest on the top of Papuk mountain – PEAK Ivačka glava – 913m asl


9AFF-0014 ( Nature GeoPark Papuk )

133 QSOs where made on 144MHz and 432MHz.

( try Satellite but only AO-7 at that moment )

Nice weather give us oportunity to be on the top of mountain in September.

Many other people running whole day up and down on the peak ( and some of them well known )

Peak Ivačka glava give one of the best view in Slavonija ( North-East part of Croatia )

See you again in the contest and on top of some Croatian mountain .

73 de EMA @ Petar Galileo @ Ico

9A3AAU @ 9A2KI/p

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Amateur Radio from 1980. Member of 9A1CRS Radio Club " Slavonski Brod " Member of SKCC #12919 Member of KiKi no:95 Working from 1,8 to 1296MHz Like:DXing , Contesting, Amateurs Satellite, Home Made Antennas:(last job 3el Line Up Quad Antenna for 14MHz (9a2ki LUQA )) Very proud on my 6 times operating from Velebit mountain ( largest Croatian mountain ) - 5 times in Alpe Adria VHF Contest: peaks: Vučjak 2x, Mali Rajinac, Visočica, Veliki Zavižan - and one more time on Velebit , try to reach highest peak: Vaganski vrh, but stoped on lower peak Tadića glavica... See you on the band. 73 de 9a2ki ico

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